17 days to go… howz the preps going??

OK, so finally Yayawar’s had a day long meeting, taking stock of situation, discussing, raiding the market, gorging on whatever is available.

First a discussion on the routes.. may be we can drive on first two days a longer, cover longer route and then get a chance to view Drang Drung glacier? Afterall, Drang Drung is the second largest glaciers of Laddakh after Siachin with an overall length of 32 Kms!  This detour would also give a chance to view Nun Kun twin peaks. We’ll see.. we’ll see.. if the drive time allows, we’ll see…

Time for some maggi 🙂

What about preparations… logistics done!  Some items already dumped. Good! Spare car tire arranged with the neighbor… cool!

Things that are missing? Let’s raid Battle Fatigues!

So a drive to Battle Fatigues it is.  Sleeping bags procured, waist pouch procured, sleeping mats procured, caps procured. Anything else? Nah! We have rest of the things. Trampoline + ropes + cans + pipe – Tony will get from Bareilly, Avi will get them on bus.

Time for some burger at McD’ 😀

Ok! What about memory cards? What’s the cost of 32gigs class 10 microSD? 1500+? Check cost to cost.. indeed! Naaah! We don’t procure things at such ridiculous rates. We’ll use our e-shopping expertise to get these at lowest price. Let’s procure some.. One from infibeam at 1422/-, One from Shopclues at 1395! Lets get some more.. Oh! The coupon codes are not working again! Smart guys.. but we’re smarter.. we’ll get some tomorrow via friends. 😉

In the meantime.. some sprouts! 🙂

Ok, time to get some apps for the android phone.. wireless is on, let’s utilize. OsmAnd+ downloaded and installed. Only thing is that you have to be careful while downloading supporting files as only 3 downloads are allowed. I downloaded the map for India, English TTS and English voice. Map checked, has good maps for Laddakh. Navigation needs to be tested though. Altimeter installed. We need to test.. will test later. Installed the countdown app too 🙂

Time for some chips and coke 😀

What? Let’s sleep some… in the meantime, download some useless, crappy, personal data stealing but fun apps. Also revise if we’re missing anything. Forclaz 500? Lemme see if we can get it cheap online. Indeed it is.. but no further discount 🙁  I think we shall wait for some time. We’ll wait.

Afghani chicken? Have you tasted?? No??? Let’s go and have some. Now? At 19:00 hrs?? Which restaurant will be serving dinner??? Chalo, lets try and see if it is open. Oh yes! It is!! Let’s order some… Yummy!!!  afghanichickenmojito   😀

Ok guys, it’s already 20:30. I shall leave now and then only I can reach home by 22:00. WHAT?? “Aaj din bhar Rotti nahin khayee aur Roti khaana banta hai? Paraanthe khaayenge at CP“? Ok, but I’ll miss the last metro and you’ll have to drive me to home. Agreed? Good!

Let’s kill some more time then. Some more android apps.. now some useful ones.

Lets go!! Alright, I’ll test the OsmAnd+ as well. Cool it is! With detailed maps and navigation with good amount of accuracy, it’s good for a free app. Recommended! Someday I’ll write a review. Guys! I’ve heard about Lajpat Nagar / Vikram Hotel Paranthe waala. Shall we go there? Route changed.. let’s go.

Time for some paranthe, chhach and chai!

I’m disappointed! Nothing sort of something that would command people coming over from long distance to savour. It’s just the same parantha that every seller at every nook and corner in NCR is selling, just with some chaat masaala added. It’s nothing extraordinary. I’m a learned man now!  You learn by experience!!

Chalo guys, drop me to home now… Thanks for dropping.. andar to aa jao! What’ll you have? Tea? Nah! What about some Mango shake? mangoshake Hmmm. 🙂

By the time mango shake comes, let’s see how the forclaz 500 is.. also, here’s my tent and the two sleeping bags. When you’ve come down till here.. why not you get these to Dwarka so that I’ll have less luggage for the D-day.

Alright! Good Night and Bye!!


let’s take stock of situation now.. the list of “what’s on cards” and “what else can be done” shall get shortened and “what’s ready” should get longer
What’s ready?

  • Car – Service done
  • Car – Carrier added for lugguage
  • Car – Air compressor checked
  • Car – jack checked
  • Car – stock tools checked
  • Car – fire extinguisher checked
  • Car – window breaker cum seat belt cutter checked
  • Car – Puncture repairing kit checked
  • Car – Spare tire valved checked
  • Car – tire valve tool checked
  • Car – GPS navigation checked
  • Car – Cigrette lighter port 3-way splitter checked
  • Car – 200W DC to AC inverter checked
  • Car DVR – 3 pcs checked
  • Car – Spare tire tube checked, another set arranged
  • DSLR – Canon EOS 550D + Canon EOS Rebel Ti
  • Lenses – Stock 18-55 mm + 70-300mm + 10x macro
  • Filters – ND, Polarising
  • P&S Camera – Canon IXUS 950
  • Maps – in GPS navigation system – may not be reliable
  • Petrol Pump locations – mapped
  • Accomodation information – captured
  • Tents – 1 4-person + 1 2-person checked and dumped
  • Airtel postpaid connection – existing
  • Clothing – list ready
  • Torch checked – 2 pcs
  • Swiss knife checked
  • Knife checked
  • Multitool checked
  • Trampoline for carrier and engine done
  • BSNL postpaid connection done
  • Jerrycan for 30 ltr for Diesel done
  • Funnel/10 ft pipe done
  • Small gas cylinder with burner done
  • Sleeping bags checked and counted and dumped
  • Sleeping mats checked and counted and dumped
  • Waist pouches checked and counted and dumped
  • Hats dumped
  • Maps – offline stored maps on smart device done


What’s on cards?

  • Car – spare tire tube condition to be checked
  • Car – spare tire valve to be procured
  • Car – check existence of sump guardNot required as advised by experts
  • Car – battery jumper to be checked / sourced
  • Trampoline for carrier and engine
  • DSLR – Canon EOS 1000D to be sourced
  • Lens – fish eye desirable
  • Maps – HVK to provide
  • Hotel booking – HVK to provide
  • Plan printouts – 6 copies, one to be left at home
  • BSNL postpaid connection to be done
  • Jerry can 30Ltrs for Diesel to be procured
  • Funnel / 10ft pipe to be procured
  • Medicines to be procured
  • Small gas cylinder with burner / kerosene stove to be procured
  • Cooking / eating utensils to be stocked
  • 20 Ltr water container
  • Sleeping Bags to be checked & counted
  • Ready to eat MTRs and maggi to be procured
  • Chocolates & toffees to be procured
  • Copies/registers & pencils (no pens for they contribute to plastic waste) for distribution among local children to be procured


What else can be done?

  • Maps – offline stored maps on smart device
  • Lens – fish eye – desirable
  • Check other people going around the same time and if possible, club


Good progress I’d say.. things are on track.. clock is ticking.. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.. 17 days, 8 hours and 27 minutes… Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock…