Things To Do Before I Die

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  1. Avishkar Bajpai says:

    Sir kamal karte hai aap, swimming to main ek din mein sikha doonga 😛

    sir meri to do list aapki list ke serial no. 52 se start hoti hai 😀

  2. Neeraj Sinha says:

    Sikha do sirji!

    Aur serial number 52 ke baad aur kya bachta hai to do mein? 😉

  3. Aashish Rajgaria says:

    I think I’ll stop at 31 and continue from 47 then 😀
    Impressive list btw 😉

    • Neeraj Sinha says:

      Thanks Aashish! 🙂

      I have already done things listed from 38 to 45, and that’s how I arrived at 46. However, what I read were translations and the respective learned state that their texts can’t be translated truely. That’s why I’ve added 32 to 37.

  4. Rajiv Verma says:

    Now THAT’s a to-do list. Very exhaustive but not surprising for a traveler at heart 😉

    Quite a few things from your list are there in mine as well 🙂

    All the best 🙂

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