TV news yesterday were full of news about earthquake in Jammu region and cloudburst at Kargil. They wlso stated that Drass was affected and that the National highway was broken at at least 4-5 places and traffic was stck from both the sides. Today also the paper stated a cloudburst in Lahaul-Spiti region.

Someone asked me – your trip will now be cancelled or what?

Well, serious it is. This has the potential to jeopardize the entire trip. But then I have faith on BRO – Border Road Organization. These guys have made impossible as “I am possible”. Every year, there are numerous landslides, heavy torrential rains, cloudbursts, etc that wrek their havoc on the roads in J&K, Ladakh and Lahaul-Spiti region. And these guys, not caring about the weather, not even the altitude- so much so that a normal person starts panting for breath, these guys go full blown on manual mose and rip off those mountains to create metal tarmac which is getting better and better every year. My faith on then convinces me that the roads will be clear of debris, repaired and traffic opened within 24-48 hours.

Today- didn’t saw any news in newspaper, no tv mention of any person stuck at Kargil. This meanns that BRO have once again proved their supremacy over the mountains and the passes.

Kudos to BRO!

And yes, our plan is very muh ON, on the same itinerary with just 6 days to go!   🙂