Day 9: 17 August 2013: Part 3: Deskit to Karu via Wari La

With the rains giving no reprieve, we decided to do something unthinkable… to proceed towards Karu crossing over Wari La during the evening.

Will we be able to reach Karu today going through a road less traversed and known to be difficult, driving through the unwanted part of the day? Stay tuned…

We started around 1530 from Deskit Gompa and decided to skip going back to the Deskit market for lunch. We’ll rather have something on the way as time is of essence now if we have to cross Wari La.

Sun playing games with the clouds (more…)

106 feet Maitreya

Day 9: 17 August 2013: Part 2: Turtuk to Deskit

So after having the tour of Turtuk Village and settling the bill, we started from Turtuk around 1200 hrs. Since the plan today is to visit Hunder and then spend the evening and night at Deskit, we’re not in a hurry.

So we start…

There are two areas between Hunder and Turtuk which are marked as “Shooting Stone” areas. Now, you don’t shoot the stones here, rather they shoot on you and the board clearly advises to zip-zap-zoom past the area. So we pick speed and just then I notice a bunker (more…)