Trying to untie the nut at batal dhaba

Day 15: 23 August 2013: The Jinx of 21 Numbered Nut and getting stuck at Batal Dhaba

We get up in the morning and after finishing our daily ritutals (on the banks of Chandra river!), we go to the Batal dhaba to have breakfast.

The room at Batal Dhaba


Having done the breakfast, we start exploring options to untie the nuts. Every passerby stops at the Batal dhaba to know our story and offers help, takes out their tool and tries to fit. However, all the cars passing by have 19 numbered nuts and this vehicle has 21 numbered.



And this 21 numbered nut is Jinxed!!!


We try various things, including trying to fit 20 numbered spanner by hammering it. Dawa Tashi – Chacha’s son finds out a hex saw blade and we take turns trying to cut the torn part of the square drive socket so that it can be used somehow.



Someone advises of using a Chisel and Hammer to cut out the nut. Someone finds a chisel and start working on it. This won’t work. The cutting point of the chisel is too broad and won’t fit in the groove that is there on the rim. So someone suggests using a screwdriver for the job and we try that as well.. We are successful in cutting 25% of the nut.


see the grooves?

screwdriver as chisel!

screwdriver as chisel!


Pretty excited, Dawa says that we will cut the rest in next 1 hour and pulls out a big hammer. Result? Two screwdrivers loose their handles and are rendered useless.



Consensus is that we need a smaller chisel. Now there is nothing available here and nothing would be at Losar either. This means going to either Kaza or Manali. We have our lunch and decide that one person will go to Manali to get some help or a chisel. However, going to Manali means that the person would be able to come back only tomorrow and so we request a taxi driver going towards Manali to arrange for one when he comes back. And so we stay back at the Batal dhaba.

Cheena also calls Mahindra on road assistance for help as the vehicle is barely 8 months old and is under warranty. No problem, they assure to send someone. However, the nearest Mahindra ASS (After Sales Service) is at Reckong Peo and so it will arrive by tomorrow. I ask Cheena to inform them that nothing can come from Reckong Peo as Malling is closed due to landslide. He conveys the same, however, the person on the other end states that he has checked the map and Batal is very near and they should be able to send a tow vehicle.

Having some doubts in mind about the same, but happy at least that Mahindra is coming to our rescue, we go for a siesta.



We wake up by evening, loiter around, play cards, talk to people passing by, sip numerous tea, and pass the evening joking with each other. Chacha and Chachi are always cheerful and Chacha keeps on cracking jokes to keep us jovial. I must say, everyone coming here and seeing us in problem is ready to help. We do get ourselves clicked with Chachi too!

Chachi of Batal Dhaba


Dinner is usual mutton (yummy!), chapatis and rice and then we go to sleep again!

Batal Dhaba


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